Island County Fair 2008

Oh man! The Island County Fair on Beautiful Whidbey Island. Smells of funnel cakes, corn, corn dogs, delicious barbecues and lots of filthy barn animals, with plenty of hay to go around. Four Beautiful days of fun, laughter and lots of kids yelling with glee; how could you not have a good time? With so much going on at the fair from cooky contests to entertaining musicians it was hard to witness the entire event, but we managed. 2008 marked the inaugural year that Jack’d was apart of the fair. It was difficult to catch peoples attention with so much going on, we had to deploy a few gimmicks to capture their attention. Having our short but sweet skimboard video on constant display enabled more people to interact with us and understand how fun skimboarding is. It was rewarding to see peoples reaction who had never seen or heard about skimboarding before. It kind of permitted a 30 second seminar every-time a person would ask “what is skimboarding?”. Although it’s hard to capture some-ones attention; as most people were content to just looking, the money man a few booths from us had it made. He had a large glass container that was blowing dollar bills around all day, and the idea was that everyone would come guess how much money was in the container. Which continued to draw people to him, a very crafty scheme, as the JBC also tried to guess the amount and win all those floating bills. Auston, AKA Roscoe ended up winning second prize in the guessing game. Not that this is relevant to Jack’ds participation in the fair, but it was a good learning experience nonetheless. Hopefully we’ll see you next year when the fair revives the oiled pig contest.