Immortal Technique at Nuemos

Immortal Technique is more than a highly talented hip hop artist, he is a revolutionist standing up for the rights that we are slowly loosing.With his intricate lyrics he exposes the scandalous money sucking leeches who use treachery, deceit, and politics to control the great U.S of A. We were super stoked for this show, we had seen Immortal Technique perform various times at larger venues. Nuemos is a super small club which always makes for a better show. After waiting for Klause to parallel park for 15 minutes we headed towards the show. We thought arriving an hour before opening would get us a prime spot in line, to our dismay the line was already stretching down and around about 2 blocks. This was definatly the longest wait we had seen at Nuemos yet. After about 4 freestyle sessions, 6 cancer sticks, and some fish and chips we made it to the front door. It took so long for us to get in we missed the first opener. As we snaked our way to the front the second opener Hasaan Salaam started his act. Not being familiar with his stuff I didint know what the expect. He threw down a solid performance some of the illest accapellas I have heard. The next group up was Da Circle, they delivered fresh flows getting the crowd hyped up the grand finale. When they finished the chant began “Immortal Technique”, it quickly grew into a thunderous roar. Within minutes Technique was on stage ripping the mic into pieces with vicious lyrics. In between songs he threw down inspirational speeches, it was not a crowd watching this performance, it was an army of soldiers.The variety of songs was perfect, a selection of songs off each album he as done. I was stoked he did “Dance with the Devil” which is one of my all time favorites. After the show was over Immortal Technique was at the swag booth signing whatever you threw at him which was respectable because many artists don’t take the time to really connect with their fans like that.