Jackd Skimboards Presents: The Art of Wood.

The Front Room Art Show ::

A collaboration of talented artists and handcrafted skimboards, presented at the Bayview Cash-Stores Front Room. It was a night to remember, as the gallery grew full of young artists, musicians, friends, family, and supporters from the community. Soon the group developed into a larger crowd than we expected, running out of pizza and frosty cold beverages within the first hour. We displayed over 40 skimboards, each one designed by unique diverse artists from Whidbey Island. Every style was different using mediums such as acrylic paint, pens, pencils, paste, newspaper, resin, and many other mysterious materials. After everyone had a chance to enjoy the display of masterpieces we played the Jack’d Skimboards video trailer. The premier of the video was a big hit and ended with thunderous applause from all. People who were not familiar with skimboarding got super stoked when they got to see some of the boards in action. Shortly after the video we held a raffle which included a skimboard and some specially designed shirts made just for the art show. More delicious pizza and ice cold beer had arrived just in time for the live band. I guess it was safe to say the after party had started. The SpudEricGabe band put on an amazing show with smooth ambient grooves that complimented the art show perfectly. We would like to thank all the people who helped make the show possible, we are very excited to do another one next June.


The JBC (Jackd Boards Crew)

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