Kawthoolei:: A Free Burma Event

Kawthoolei:: A Free Burma Event

Music and Art Show Whidbey Island

Sundee Productions organized Kawthoolei, which is a celebration of music, art, and delicious food. The event was held on August 2, 2008 at Gordon's on Blueberry Hill. The main focus of the event was to raise funding and support for Burmese refugees, and victims of the Military Junta. All proceeds from the festival were donated to World Aid, a local non-profit organization working to bring relief to members of the Karen tribe located in Myanmar. Admission to Kawthoolei was free, and donations were gratefully accepted. The Jack’d Crew had a great location very close to the stage. We enjoyed traditional Karen dancers, diverse musical performances, great art, and the best pork wraps known to man, thanks to Chef Gordon. Everyone had the opportunity to contribute to a written message that was sent to the refugee camp on the Thai border. We got to enjoy blue skies and sunshine all afternoon while relaxing near the scenic beach front of Freeland. When the sun started going down we chilled out with a wide variety of music including acoustic, alternative, marimba, bluegrass, funk, and reggae. The music lasted late into the night as the crowd progressively grew larger. Shout out to Sundree Productions for hosting this awesome event.

The Bellingham Artwalk at Innate Snow and Skate.

Good friends of Jack’d, Corey and Dillon are the proud owners of the new shop, Innate Snow and Skate which is located in downtown Bellingham. Weeks before the grand opening there was a sneak peak of the shop during an annual art walk in Bellingham. Innate displayed art work from many local artists which included pieces from the Jack’d Skimboards Crew. Also displayed was new clothing from up and coming local companies such as Uni and Build Strong. With a lot of anticipation from the community, I would say it was the place to be on Friday night. Yale Wolf expressed his graffiti skills by doing a cityscape morphing into ski slopes on the main wall of Innate, which brought him a lot of recognition and props. Yale is an amazing artist and will be collaborating with Jack’d in the upcoming year. The Innate Crew was demonstrating silk-screening on their press, and selling their freshly made custom tee shirts.It was an honor to display artwork and hang in the Innate shop. We are very proud of Corey and Dillon for building the greatest snowboard shop in Bellingham. If you are ever in the area make sure to stop in, and check it out. They have already given themselves a good name in town. Giving back to the community with warm clothing drives, and scheduling great shows in the future with artists like Common Market and Tulsi.We look forward to selling our skimboards in the shop starting this spring. If you in downtown Bellingham make you stop by and check it out!

Our Filmmakers

Clark Sarabough aka Burt and Rhett Taylor aka Waldo, are two kindred spirits who share a love for film. Both vary in style, technique and drive, but both are always improving on their prowess with the most extravagant of art forms:film. Rhett is a junior at Western Washington University and is the head of the student run T.V station; Viking Television. Viking Television puts on all kinds of shows. From soap operas to games shows, to promotional events, and inside-looks into all kinds of recreation and other activities going on around Bellingham. Clark is attending Edmonds community college, and his own course for some sort of degree. Clark has been working with film for six years and has made many short films. clark is also a accomplished artist, and featured his work mostly on Whidbey Island. Rhett has immense experience and commend of his artistic abilities, but is strapped for time during this scholastic year. Both have much knowledge when it comes to film and camera editing. Rhett Taylor and Clark Sarbaugh are highly talented and we very much appreciate their time and help for putting our skimboard videos together.

Burning Man: American Dream

The Jack’d crew and many friends made it to the wasteland city that is Burning Man. The plan was to build a skim pit, drive the company R.V, and paint and decorate the massive eight foot skimboard. However, our plan was foiled except for the giant skimboard, as we could not get a press pass to film the skim pit, as well as transport enough water for ourselves and the extravaganza. The R.V was out of commission do to bad starter. The giant skimboard however, was a great success. Simply a one of a kind masterpiece; a majestic wooded canvas filled with our hopes, dreams, and unimaginable experiences of Burning Man 2008. Burning Man was more than just a giant party in the middle of the desert, as most people believe it to be. Burning Man is rendezvous for spiritual enlightenment, intrinsic worldly views about culture, religion, time, space and a deep sense of community involvement. When fifty-thousand people who barely know each other survive in the middle of the desert without crime, hunger,or depression; it amazes me that communities in the rest of the world are subjected to crime, fear and terror. Burning Man is very surreal but I think people can learn a lot about human interaction and society; which some aspects can be transplanted into the rest of society, to enable the well-being of the entire community. Among the community at large the favorite member had to Rob, an ex-marine who brought his girlfriend and a couple friends along the way. Rob was always full of good cheer, humor and a kind of low-humming intensity. One night we witnessed that low-hum become a raucous roar at thunder-dome. Thunder-dome is just like it was with Mel Gibson in the Mad Max series, except no one is trying to kill you. Instead of using instruments of death, you are given a foamish nerf stick that you whack the other person with, after you are strapped into a harness that is hanging from the dome with bungy ropes. Then you are pulled back to the edge of the dome and flung at your opponent, which marks the start of a three round bludgeoning match. Unfortunately, that night thunder-dome was shut down early; so people were improvising by freestyle wrestling. Rob wrestled three dudes who all outweighed him by at least 50 pounds and all eclipsed his height by about six inches. They were not prepared however, for the stout marine made them all submit, but still showed lots integrity; shaking all their hands after he defeated them. The best part about the defeats was the badass purple dress that he was wearing. Among us who witnessed the athletic feet was Ian, A.K.A Cloud, a cool dude from California who was happy to be camped next to some dudes from Washington. Cloud is a computer expert (but extremely UN-nerdy) and has a website called www.ifitfeelsgooddoit.com.

Most of our days consisted of staying out of the midday sun, locating the misting mojito tent, the occasional bike ride to the playa, one day we went and tried kite-boarding; which made us all look very clumsy. But, mostly it was about recovering from the last night and waiting for the water-truck during the day. On the hottest day it reached 114 degrees, we made it out of the tent at all that day. That was also the day of the critical tits parade. So there was plenty of incentive to go outside. When the sun sets the city of Burning Man comes to life. Right when the sun dips below the hills everyone gets on top of their R.V’s or car’s and yells, making all kinds of noise that marks the beginning of the nighttime festivities. Burning man at night is an indescribable experience. Although burning man is awesome, it is not all fun and games. When we arrived the first day, it took us the entire day to set up our massive army tent; for three reasons. One, we were exhausted from the dreary drive and were without sleep. Two, we had never set up the tent before, I’m sure we looked very clumsy setting the thing up. Three, the most exacerbating aspect of the ordeal was supposedly the worst dust storm in Burning Man’s history. 50 MPH winds blowing massive amounts of dust at you from all directions; white out conditions, that can make any task near impossible. Eventually we were able to construct our dwelling and enjoy the week of burning. We had such a good time that we all cannot wait for our next burn:”Evolution”. See you on the playa.

Jackd Skimboards Presents: The Art of Wood.

The Front Room Art Show ::

A collaboration of talented artists and handcrafted skimboards, presented at the Bayview Cash-Stores Front Room. It was a night to remember, as the gallery grew full of young artists, musicians, friends, family, and supporters from the community. Soon the group developed into a larger crowd than we expected, running out of pizza and frosty cold beverages within the first hour. We displayed over 40 skimboards, each one designed by unique diverse artists from Whidbey Island. Every style was different using mediums such as acrylic paint, pens, pencils, paste, newspaper, resin, and many other mysterious materials. After everyone had a chance to enjoy the display of masterpieces we played the Jack’d Skimboards video trailer. The premier of the video was a big hit and ended with thunderous applause from all. People who were not familiar with skimboarding got super stoked when they got to see some of the boards in action. Shortly after the video we held a raffle which included a skimboard and some specially designed shirts made just for the art show. More delicious pizza and ice cold beer had arrived just in time for the live band. I guess it was safe to say the after party had started. The SpudEricGabe band put on an amazing show with smooth ambient grooves that complimented the art show perfectly. We would like to thank all the people who helped make the show possible, we are very excited to do another one next June.


The JBC (Jackd Boards Crew)

Immortal Technique at Nuemos

Immortal Technique is more than a highly talented hip hop artist, he is a revolutionist standing up for the rights that we are slowly loosing.With his intricate lyrics he exposes the scandalous money sucking leeches who use treachery, deceit, and politics to control the great U.S of A. We were super stoked for this show, we had seen Immortal Technique perform various times at larger venues. Nuemos is a super small club which always makes for a better show. After waiting for Klause to parallel park for 15 minutes we headed towards the show. We thought arriving an hour before opening would get us a prime spot in line, to our dismay the line was already stretching down and around about 2 blocks. This was definatly the longest wait we had seen at Nuemos yet. After about 4 freestyle sessions, 6 cancer sticks, and some fish and chips we made it to the front door. It took so long for us to get in we missed the first opener. As we snaked our way to the front the second opener Hasaan Salaam started his act. Not being familiar with his stuff I didint know what the expect. He threw down a solid performance some of the illest accapellas I have heard. The next group up was Da Circle, they delivered fresh flows getting the crowd hyped up the grand finale. When they finished the chant began “Immortal Technique”, it quickly grew into a thunderous roar. Within minutes Technique was on stage ripping the mic into pieces with vicious lyrics. In between songs he threw down inspirational speeches, it was not a crowd watching this performance, it was an army of soldiers.The variety of songs was perfect, a selection of songs off each album he as done. I was stoked he did “Dance with the Devil” which is one of my all time favorites. After the show was over Immortal Technique was at the swag booth signing whatever you threw at him which was respectable because many artists don’t take the time to really connect with their fans like that.



Quill is a senior at South Whidbey High School on Whidbey Island. I’d like to give a shout out to Quill AKA Bonzana, Bonez is doing an apprenticeship with us at Jack’d Skimboards for this quarter to learn the nuances of the skimboarding business. He is a great asset to our company providing us with valuable ideas for graphic design and many other areas. Quill is an established boarder who steezes skim, skate, and snow boards. Quill is approaching his 18th birthday on January 16th. It is a blessing to have an infusion of young energy from Quill, especially because of his approach and knowledge to board sports alike. After riding with Bonanza this summer, we have to decided to sponsor him. He is a very talented rider that pushes the limits of skimboarding, and thats what we are about.