Our Filmmakers

Clark Sarabough aka Burt and Rhett Taylor aka Waldo, are two kindred spirits who share a love for film. Both vary in style, technique and drive, but both are always improving on their prowess with the most extravagant of art forms:film. Rhett is a junior at Western Washington University and is the head of the student run T.V station; Viking Television. Viking Television puts on all kinds of shows. From soap operas to games shows, to promotional events, and inside-looks into all kinds of recreation and other activities going on around Bellingham. Clark is attending Edmonds community college, and his own course for some sort of degree. Clark has been working with film for six years and has made many short films. clark is also a accomplished artist, and featured his work mostly on Whidbey Island. Rhett has immense experience and commend of his artistic abilities, but is strapped for time during this scholastic year. Both have much knowledge when it comes to film and camera editing. Rhett Taylor and Clark Sarbaugh are highly talented and we very much appreciate their time and help for putting our skimboard videos together.

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